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Hi and welcome to my little website! My name is Tannaz and I am a PhD Fellow at the research Centre for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and at the University of Geneva. Under the joint supervision of Christian Wüthrich (UNIGE), João L. Cordovil (CFCUL) and José R. Croca (CFCUL), I’m carrying out a research project focused on the concept of time in some fundamental theories of physics. 

I am mainly interested in the philosophy of physics and I wrote my thesis on the logical interpretation of probabilities and its application to some theory of physics.

Occasionally, since I have been a refugee as well, I am also very interested, on the one hand, to the philosophy of migration but also, and on the other hand, to the political situation of the Middle East. 

From February 2021 I’m a very proud member of CFCUL and the EITNS research project.

From September 2019 I’m also a honored member of the Geneva Symmetry Group.

Feel free to contact me if you have the wish!